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It was past midnight and he was fast asleep in his dark room, there was some light shining from a small crack in the door, but barely enough to see any details. He had had a long couple of days. He was flying in from half way around the world with a stop in the middle, but both his planes were delayed and so the 24 hour trip took 34 hours instead.

The suitcase was open, the clothes were neatly laid, everything else was in small travel organizing pouches and bags, but there was a hollow space in the suitcase showing that he had removed something from there.

The desk had piles of papers and files on it, all stacked on top on each other, some of them had odd markings on them, and others had scribbles with an understood language.

The rest of the room was simple, a wall to wall shelving unit that carried books with all colors and sizes. There was a small painting on the furthest wall from the door, but it was too dark to see the details, perhaps it was of a girl? or was it a boy?

It was so quiet in the room that the sound of his steady breathing was the only thing anyone could hear. It was obvious how exhausted he was, he hadn’t moved an inch since he lay down 3 hours ago.

A small shadow moved by the door, suddenly the hair on his neck rose and a sweat broke along his forehead. The shadow moved closer to the door and with every step he felt more anxious in his sleep.

The door started to open and a small shadowy figure started walking almost gliding into the room, he started shaking but couldn’t wake up, it looked as if he was stuck in his dream. The shadow moved fast and quick, but there was something else, the shadow was holding something long, with one wide end and another sharp end, like a knife

The figure was going to him, moving as fast as possible, arm raised, holding that sharp edged thing, it was too dark to see what or who was in the room and what it was holding.

Suddenly his eyes were wide open, he couldn’t move, it looked as if he was paralyzed. The shadow was standing right by his side.

“shhh Mandy, you’ll wake up mom, do you and Mr. Carrot was to sleep here tonight?”



once upon a time i was surfing the internet using an awesome invention called “StumbleUpon” when I ‘stumbled’ onto this amazing website called “BeKindRewrite” . I started reading a post about how to create the perfect world without boring your readers, as always I started looking at the other content on the website when I found “InMon” !

InMon stands for InspirationMondays .. so what happens every Monday that is so inspirational?

The team at bekindwriter will post vague writing prompts every Monday to inspire writers from anywhere and everywhere regardless of age and background. The writer may choose any of the prompts to either write a story (200 – 500 words) using one of the prompts in the text or in the title.

Dubbed as InMonsters, the writers are welcome to participate in this much needed project to practice their writing skills, challenge their thoughts or have fun.

Stay tuned for my InMon posts !


“Abstract: I have been always passionate about writing. My first writing class was in college but after 10 years of looking I have finally found an amazing person who was kind enough to teach me writing and am currently taking classes with him. perhaps I may write a short story on day! I also write a monthly column in the most amazing magazine called “SaileMagazine” called “Mental Pondering