Reversed bucket list – celebrating your time on earth

A few months ago I came across a tweet about Bucket-lists and realized I never really had one !

I knew there were things I wanted to do for the future, but I hadn’t written them down. The more I thought about it the more I realized there were things I had forgotten about, lost dreams or lost desires, whatever they were they were forgotten.

I decided then and there to create an online bucket list (because lets face it I will lose a piece of paper in seconds), I was looking for a website that gave me the option publicly view some parts of the list and hide others. While I was doing my research I found a few posts about “Reversed Bucket-Lists”.

The idea of a Reversed Bucket-List is to list all your achievements, success stories or things you are happy you’ve done to date, they may not have been on your bucket-list or you may not have thought about them previously, but the fact of the matter is you did  them and they are part of your story so why not celebrate them. I started my Reversed Bucket-List almost immediately as I knew I had done so much and I wanted a place where I can see them all together.

I decided my Reversed Bucket-List would be made of pictures with captions in the bottom, I wanted to do a pictorial list for a couple of reasons:

  1. I had these amazing pictures of magnificent things stuck in either my phone or my laptop, they deserved to be shared !
  2. It is always nicer to see pictures than to read text, specially when you are celebrating something !

The importance of a Reversed Bucket-List was again brought to my attention yesterday while we were recording a podcast with the Sail Team. Our discussion got us talking about my September article which is about Depression, at some point Abdullah (@Aabo0) said that sometimes people feel they haven’t achieved or done anything significant all day which makes them feel bad and probably add to their depression. Although how much you have achieved is based on your perception of things, however remembering the wonderful things you have done makes a big difference.

Having a Reversed Bucket-List will help you see how much you have done in the years you have been on this planet, planned or not planned, serious or silly they are worth celebrating, and believe it or not, the minute you start celebrating these things you will feel like you own the world.

To view my very weird Reversed Bucket-List click here : Yippee


Enjoy !!

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