Centophobia- Fear of new things or ideas

Centophobia is defined as Fear of new things or ideas, it is a state in which a human being, like you and me, is so afraid of new things or new ideas it leads to hysteria, panic attacks, chest pain and sweating !

Picture it: Sicily 1942.. Kidding !!

If you didn’t get the above joke then you clearly aren’t a fan of “The Golden Girls” TV show, but on a more serious note..

Picture it: a meeting in a regular office building, someone pitches a new idea that is actually very good, suddenly, someone starts hysterically screaming and faints ! <- this is not normal

Thankfully, that scenario only happens to those of us who have Centophobia, the rest of us feel slightly different.

Most people don’t humor the idea of new things, they will either dismiss it, disagree with it or find every single excuse on earth to prove its not a good idea.

For the people who are shocked by the previous statement, believe it or not (sarcasm) there is a logical explanations to why people react that way !

Let me give you a few explanations:

  • People feel overwhelmed as they feel this new teretory will effect them in a negative way
  • Sometimes its related to stress, no one wants more stress on top of whatever stress they already have
  • In some cases people simply can’t be bothered to include this new idea in their daily life

Luckily, these people are not as bad as the people with Centophobia or even worse, like people with Ablutophobia which is Fear of washing or bathing (yuck) !!!

The brave ones, however, will not only be up for the new idea but will actually suggest it. They will fight for their idea and go through all the barriers to make it happen. These people are visionaries. So.. which one are you?


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