self-inflicted torture

self-inflicted torture is a very interesting mater, it may sound disturbing or scary, but that’s only because its always been defined in such a manner.

Many people link self-inflicted torture to self-harm which is defined as ‘the intentional, direct injuring of body tissue’*. In other words deliberately and physically injuring oneself.

However, I think of self-inflicted torture in another way.

In my mind, self-inflicted torture can be emotional as much as it can be physical, and it can be physical but not necessarily suicidal. you want examples you say, here we go:

  • sleeping late when you know you have to wake up early for work the next morning: this is some sort of self-inflicted torture, why would you sleep late when you know you have work the next day, isn’t that also considered as harming oneself?
  • Going to the beauty salon/barber: lets face it, this is physical torture, no one can convince me otherwise, but again, its not suicidal…. imagine if it was !
  • Eating a heavy dinner before going to bed: this can be considered suicidal, haha, just kidding, but seriously, that is never a good idea, not because its unhealthy, but you have to try it to know what I mean.
  • Cold showers: yes, cold showers to me are part of my long list of  self-inflicted torture, but this depends a lot on personal preference
  • Accounting class at 8am on a Friday: yes people I have done that, and this is not only physical and mental torture but it goes beyond ……………… I dont want to talk about it anymore
  • drinking one cup of coffee in the morning when you are sleepy as hell: do I really need to explain? i didn’t think so

so you get the flow?

Awesome !

now I use this phrase ‘self-inflicted torture’ a lot, not because I like torturing myself, but because I end up doing it more than once everyday, and if you think enough about it, you will realize you do the same as well.

Some types of self-inflicted torture are good for you, like running that extra mile or working out for 10 extra minutes or not eating the chocolate you’ve been craving. Others are pretty harmful like starving yourself to lose that last KG or eating the greasiest burger you can find 5 minutes before going to bed.

whatever it is, we all do it, weather we think about it as torture or not is just a mater of perception.

but people, let me end with this, the best/worse kind of self-inflicted torture is falling in love..


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