voices voices .. shhhhhhhhhhhhh

I once explained a little about the voices in my head, the voices that developed into characters with different and unique voices, attitudes, accents, speeches and preferences.

In that earlier post (called “the source of happiness”) I wrote about the number of voices and briefly describes each voice’s character. below is what i had written:

“To give you an idea of the sort of dialogue that goes on in my head:

Voice 1 (the angel): You have everything dear, you just have to appreciate it

Voice 2 (the angry person): What happiness and appreciate crap are you talking about, life is full of stupid stuff and happiness only exists in stories!

Voice 3 (the 3rd guy (whom i could never give a personality to)): You two better shut up and mind your own business, just live your life the way it is babe”

I’m not sure how these characters were developed in my head over the years, but this is what i know about them so far:

Voice 1 (the angel):

  • female voice
  • soft spoken .. like a mother would talk to its new born
  • innocent
  • very ethical
  • something like the little angel on Tom’s shoulder in Tom & Jerry cartoons
  • has a white aura around it

Voice 2 (the angry person):

  • male voice
  • always angry .. never yells but always speaks in an angry tone
  • has zero patience .. i can feel it wanting to slap me for not taking a decision
  • pushes the devilish thoughts in me
  • knows how to bring out the bad in me
  • has a blend of red and black aura around it

Voice 3 (the dude):

  • male voice
  • is always chilled
  • takes the easy way in life
  • isnt good, isnt bad
  • laid back
  • has a bright colored aura around it that changes

its not really difficult to see how different these characters are, or how they push me in different directions.

I suppose its good to cover all the angles before taking a major decision, the three voices influence me in 3 ways but then my own voice, the 4th voice, sounds out my irrational thoughts which I then either rationalize or decide to let go.

The problem is, well not a problem really its just annoying, these voices tend to talk all the time !

It’s funny how they keep arguing in my head about almost everything i do, and they don’t only argue with me but they argue with themselves!

here are some examples to elaborate and explain how they stick their noses in almost everything I do:

example 1: grocery shopping (this was on Sunday)

V1: take as minimum as you can, there is no point in buying things you dont need

V2: just get out of here quickly, dont think twice about this stuff !

V3: buy the whole place if you want to, you only live once

example 2: ice cream (this was last night)

V1: you shouldn’t eat ice cream at this time, it’ll ruin your dinner

V2: damn you V1, let her eat what she wants, go away !

V3: if you are craving ice cream this much perhaps you should get two scoops

example 3: waking up (everyday single morning)

V1: open your eyes.. time to wake up

V2: shhhhhh, we’re sleeping here, 10 more minutes won’t kill her

V3: *yawns*

and the drama continues ………………………

sometimes i think this is my unconscious brain’s way of voicing out its thoughts, other times i think i’m losing my mind !

whatever the reasons behind these voices, they are (in some cases) a big help, but i sometimes wonder why they are always there, interfering in the smallest things in my life !

I also wonder why I (my voice, the 4th voice) have to yell at them to shut them up !!

oh and by the way im not crazy .. !

Enjoy !!

P.S. seriously, I’m not crazy !


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