before the big 3 – 0

I was browsing the internet the other day (I do that everyday and who doesn’t but I needed an opening sentence) and found this blog which is about Practical Tips for Productive Living, it looked very interesting so I countinued to look through and guess what? I found something awesome !

There was a post in this blog called “30 Books I’m Glad I Read Before 30” which caught my eye, the content is basically what the title says it is, but that was not what surprised me !

Scrolling down I noticed that some of the books mentioned were either books I have already read or books that were in my library and on my to-read list .. I didn’t know if that was good or bad but it did get me to think about something ..

I was thinking that the countdown to me turning 3-0 (and excuse me for not using the number just yet) has already started : T-minus 289DAYS – 12HOURS – 24MINUTES – 36 SECONDS (alright maybe i went overboard with the seconds) so might as well do something useful with it !

So ladies, gents, aliens, ghosts, bugs and any others I missed, I am going to read the 30 books on this list before I turn 30 !

I’ll keep you posted on the books I read ! I want to write a short review on them and share their effect on me (if any) starting with the few books on the list I’ve already read.

Till then, Enjoy !

Adios mi amigos !

PS : T-minus 289DAYS – 12HOURS – 15MINUTES – 12 SECONDS


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