Rice and Chicken from my kitchen !

Eating rice for dinner isn’t very healthy, but I hadn’t had rice for a while and was craving it like no tomorrow..

Now I have to confess, I’m not an expert in cooking (duh), I do cook but nothing major, and rice was never on the menu, but when you crave something, you crave it ! Luckily I wasn’t craving a Biryani or a Maqloba but simple white rice and chicken stew (aka salona).. The rice was the easy part !

When I got the chicken on the stove and started digging into my fridge to find the tomato paste, I found I had none and hence I was in trouble … but instead of giving up, I improvised by using ketchup as a substitute for tomato paste !

Now again many of you are probably still wondering what the catch is .. (if this is the 1st post you read then please note that my stories always have a catch, if this isn’t the 1st post you read and you did not know that, now you do!)

The catch is ladies and gentlemen, my chicken stew represents life, my plan to cook this dish represents the plans we have in life and the tomato paste and ketchup represent some elements that effect our plans in life ..

Life is always so unpredictable, perhaps thats what makes it great, if we knew from the day we were born how we would live our lives (even if we couldn’t change anything) it would be so boring we would probably kill ourselves !

No matter how unpredictable life is, human nature requires us to have a plan in life, first our parents plan our lives and then as we grow up we slowly start to take matters in our own hands, but not knowing whats going to happen keeps us on our feet, and honestly messes up our plans more than helps them come together !

However, it is not the plan that we should be worried about, its how we live the plan and react to it when it doesn’t go our way, like using ketchup instead of tomato paste. The dish might not be what I planned for, and it might not taste exactly like it should have, but it worked ! I had a lovely meal, my craving was fulfilled and so was my tummy, and the food didn’t taste bad at all !

Just like that stew, we need to understand that when our plans don’t go the way we want them to, we have to adapt and move on … If I gave up on my chicken stew when I saw I had no tomato paste or if I kept saying “this is going to taste horrible” when I used the ketchup, I would have had Cheerios for dinner, and as a result I would have had a not so good dinner, my craving wouldn’t be fulfilled, my tummy wouldn’t really be full, and my dinner would taste like breakfast !

I understand that life isn’t that easy, and the decisions we take today will effect the rest of our lives, and that plans are put for a reason, but we need to understand that not everything goes as planned..

No matter how difficult it might be, we need to learn how to improvise, how to accept things as and when they hit us, how to substitute some things for others and how to live being 100% convinced and happy with what we have.

Always remember, life is what you make of it and nothing else.

Enjoy !

P.S. This story is dedicated to my little sister Reem (because she picked the title for this post)


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