taking positivity for granted ..

so there are a lot of people who don’t believe in “being positive”, and i understand where it comes from as I was one of those people for a long time..

I also understand that many people find it very difficult to stay positive, and I dont blame them, i actually agree with them! It takes up a lot of energy and requires a lot of concentration to stay positive ..!

generally speaking it is easier to wake up in the morning and be gloomy rather than wake up and push yourself to be all hyper and positive !!

but .. did you ever think that you would just feel much better when you push yourself to be happy? did you ever think that you might actually have a perfect day, or live a better life by forcing a smile on your face? believe it or not it just takes one small smile..

having said that, i do know that it doesn’t stop right there.. drawing/pushing a smile on your face when you first wake up isn’t the hard part of being positive, the hard part is actually keeping the smile on your face for the rest of the day, but as the old saying says (and this is a saying i used to hate): “Practice makes perfect!” ..

and yes you have to PRACTICE being happy and positive for it to have a more permanent effect.. at first it is very difficult but the more you push yourself and as the days go on, you will realize that it is easier to wake up with a smile..

I know it sounds weird (and if you have read my previous posts you know my brain isn’t 100% there), but “I speak the truth !!” .. oh and “I come in peace”

so start slow, push yourself to extremes, find the joy in small things, and even if you face something that is not so good, well, still stay positive !  There is no harm in smiling when you are down or trying to see the light in not getting something you really want..

Last but not least, don’t take positivity for granted!

if you do find someone (who is as crazy as me) trying to push a ray of positiveness around, dont think of them (us.. ME) as idiots or people who have not shed a tear in their (our.. MY) life.. but someone who has seen and experienced both sides and made a choice to live on the bright side !

Tips to help you stay positive:

1) smile as much as you can

2) dress up and look pretty/handsome

3) think of all the good things that happen and try to let go of the bad things.. ON DAILY/HOURLY basis :

  • “yaaay breakfast was awesome (it was actually a regular home made cheese sandwich, but at least it didnt taste like dirt)
  • wohooo made it to work on time !! (and you do this everyday but no reason to not celebrate)
  • I need to go grocery shopping ! \o/ (lets face it we all dislike grocery shopping, but try and get yourself excited, maybe think of all the yummy things you’ll buy)
  • aaaand its time to wash the dishes *dancing* (I so dont like washing the dishes but you can always do a little dance while washing them!

4) dotn listen to those horrible sad songs that make you want to kill yourself

5) enjoy your own company !


4 responses to “taking positivity for granted ..

  • Jamal Salem

    you remind me of the bad days.. but yeah let be positive..

    i just to add one thing here.. no one can control your mood.. you own it.. u control it.. and u r the only one who can make it happy which is another way of being positive..

    and you r right.. it wont come like this.. u need to train yourself and you need to practice.. you need to learn how to discard all the negative things.. not only ignoring them but how to turn the negative things into positive.. how to transfer your mood from bad to good to great to be happy and positive.. you can do that..

    but dont be extreamly positive coz you will loss that little stress you need to push yourself harder everyday.. we should know how to manage our stress to perfume better during the day and make that push..

    so be happy.. be positive.. thanks God.. and be cool.. 😉

    thank again for your amazing post


  • Heba

    I’m all about being positive, but its normal and healthy to have the blues and feel gloomy from time to time. As “Jamal” No one can control your mood you own it and you control it.

    Sometimes with all the positivity and positive energy we do get tired and want to loosen up and be neutral, in other words we want to be looked at as normal and not idiots. Which is true as you said Budoor not everyone accepts or believes in positive thinking. Some consider the subject as just nonsense, and others scoff at people who believe and accept it.

    For me I try not to work so hard to be positive I believe its built within me even when am gloomy and cranky sometimes. I always smile and do something for someone 🙂

    – Heba

  • Karem

    I know i know; Be positive, smile and the world will smile to you…
    I have read “The Secret” and I liked it lot….
    I believe in “positive effect” on community and personality….
    The only thing failing is the morning mood; I hate talking, thinking, smiling, in general all positive things that finish with -ing
    But that’s only for two or three hours, after all the world starts when your mind is awake right???

    Very nice post, it is very appreciated that someone who writes spread positive thoughts so viewers will be infected by positiveness

    Do you provide Workshops on morning smile?? 🙂

    • Budoor Al Yousuf

      hehehe ,, yeaah i know what you mean ,, im not a morning person either but its easier for me to smile in the morning than after a few hours at work when i am so tired I just want to sleep !! but then i remember that its all in my brain and it gets a bit better !

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