The joy of washing my first bathroom

yes yes you read right, no mistakes, this post is called “the joy of washing my first bathroom”..!

now many people would probably want to throw a bottle of water at me or just call me names when they read the title, but lets hope they read this post before inuring me (physically and/or mentally).

most of you (at least I’m hoping) should know by now that I recently moved into an apartment in Abu Dhabi for my new job.. although when i first started talking about living on my own the idea was that someone would come once a week to clean the apartment for me, so someone would come for an hour a week to do all the ‘dirty work’ while i do the basic things like washing dishes and all the other mini things.

However, although i knew this would help me more than anyone else.. the stupid voices in my head started pushing their way in:

  • voice 1 (the angel): you don’t need help dear one, you are more than capable
  • voice 2 (the angry person): WTH ! are you an idiot !!! will you just go get your head examined !!!!!
  • voice 3 (the 3rd guy): guys, for the millionth time, shut up!! B, do whatever you think is right..

so from what you can see, the voices didn’t really help, but there was some truth in all of them..

i decided to get help the first time round, so i got some people in to clean the place while i ran around Abu Dhabi trying to get the curtains sorted out, when they left, i realized that generally speaking the place was fine, but it was just FINE, it wasn’t clean, it wasn’t right, it was just fine.

I had two choices then and there, either to bring the helpers back another day and supervise their work, or …… to clean the place alone.. since you have already read the title, you know that i ended up cleaning the apartment on my own, starting with the bathroom .. and .. it .. was .. AWESOME !

obviously washing a bathroom isn’t very interesting, but to think that i was washing my first own bathroom .. my bathroom in my own apartment .. that feeling was just awesome .. it was .. overwhelming !

to the people who understood the message i want to convey, well done!

to the people who didn’t understand .. well .. its not about washing your own bathroom, and its not about being stubborn, but its about learning how to be responsible for yourself and the desistions you make .. its about building your personality (and yes washing your own bathroom and cleaning your own apartment adds a lot to your personality, at least you won’t be a stuck up snob!) .. it is mainly about building character..

now if you agree then  i have nothing else to say except i wish you the same, and if you don’t agree and still don’t know what the heck i am talking about then good luck !


5 responses to “The joy of washing my first bathroom

  • Jamal Salem

    OMG i love this post..

    it reminds me of how i used to analyze my options internally.. i mean the inner battle between good me and bad me and the guy in between. i always refer the goodness to the brain, and the bad guy is the heart.. and in between is the peaceful guy 😀

    back to your subject.. im really glad u did it by your own.. not everyone will realize the great feelings and the effect of cleaning your stuff by your own.. the goal is not to make things clean.. no no its more than that..

    im glad i came from a house with no maids no Nani no Mari.. my parent and we are 6 bro and sis.. yes we handle our own s**t.. i dont want to talk about myself its your show i just wanted to show how i understand your subject..

    proud of you sis and keep it up 😉


  • Dean Sheetz

    OK. I have to say I understand. 🙂 Independence and self-sufficiency are great things. However, after having cleaned my own bathroom for 25 years (at least once a year whether it needed it or not), I have to say that this feeling will wear off…

  • maljunaibi

    Congrats on the new place. I’ve done the same last year, and I totally agree with the “own bathroom” scenario. Also, I now enjoy doing my own laundry and vacuuming the area when there’s alot of dust.

    The only thing I cheap is with the ironing. I iron most of my clothes except the kandoora! I still call for someone to press them once a week, which isn’t that bad.

    Cooking is still a challenge…ahem….
    but great post and loved reading it.

    Keep it up!

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