The last class and the presentation

I walked into the last class to see something I didn’t expect, the class was quiet and relaxed, I honestly expected it to be chaotic !

Perhaps Everything else around me was in complete chaos, with the event being less than 24 hours away, so I expected everyone to be running around in class too!

The 1st thing we did was decide on the outline of the presentation and who would be presenting what. It was a good idea because some of our work overlapped, but I think the class was very relaxed and understanding, there was a nice sync between us and so there was no problem with all the overlap.

We then decided to run a 2nd survey and so I could cracking with that. I then saw a few videos, commented on a couple of questions and ideas and then had to run back to work.

On the day of the presentation, we all met in class before and did a final round of checking. I was looking forward to seeing our work being presented and seeing the reaction of the visiting teachers.

We started at 6pm sharp with the presentation. I was happy to see that everything was going smoothly and that the decisions we took on how to run the presentation were excellent.


I could also see that the visiting teachers were very interested in the product, specially since we had 2 prototypes on the table for them.


The presentation was a bit long, but w had so much information to share and all of it was important.


At the end, we had great comments from the visiting teachers and I was very proud of the work we had all done.

If course the highlight of the day, beside being 2 weeks away from graduating, was Dr. Dean’s yummy cookies!!


I have to say that the best comment I heard from the teachers was that we had done a lot of work in little time, and I was happier when Mustafa agreed that we had amazing synergy amongst us and we owe all of this to that.

We then had to say our good byes to our friends who had finished the course and promised that we will try and stay in touch as much as we could.

So this is the last class blog I will be posting for a while. I hope everyone enjoyed it!


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