Classes 06 + 07 + 08

This week was very interesting, the 1st class started by viewing 3 types of prototypes for the product. It was very nice to see a miniature of something we only imagined, it actually looked weirder than I thought!

After looking at the prototypes and discussing them we started getting into the details of the product.

Unfortunately, and as anticipated, a few problems did occur.

One of the major problems we faced throughout the project was the inability of a lot of us to differentiate between the development of 1 product and a full business. Many of us could not draw a fine line between the two and drifted away from the main topic.

Eventually, we all had to sit down as one team and talk it through. Once everyone was on the same page it was a bit easier to work.

The rest of the class time was occupied by working on the assignment. I started working on the marketing analysis, aliaa and latifa were working on legal while marwa was talking to the teams about the financials.

Because of this event I am putting together, I couldn’t make it to the class on tuesday, however, I was in touch with my team and they were able to take over and work on their tasks easily. However, I did forward them everything I had ready for the project.

Wednesday was more productive, the team and I sat together and went through the missing deliverable. We were able to knock off a few items on the day and being in front of each other it was easy for us to communicate and discuss ideas.

Next week will be a bit tricky !! We are putting everything together and submitting it to Dr. Dean as a first draft. I’m sure he will have some comments on the assignment.

The good thing is that having his comments in on a draft will give us more scoop to tweek, amend and build on our project. Although time is limited, there are things that could be done.

I think the next class will be …. I can’t seem to find the correct word ….. Hmmmmmmm …. Something between crazy, hectic, awkward, interesting and busy !!

Only time will tell !!!

Tell then .. Enjoy !!


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