Classes 04 + 05

Class 04 was a very interesting one !!

1st of all I was stuck at work because of this event I’m managing so ended being late for class !! The good thing was that my team is very much independent and were working on their own tasks while I was away.

When I did arrive and after having a chat with dr. Dean it was time to close down the survey and see the results !!

I was actually shocked at the number of responds we got. We had about 122 responses in 24 hours !!! That itself was an accomplishment.

The rest of the day wa spend in analyzing the results and putting them in a presentation.

We are going to present the findings at 5pm the next class.

Despite the nagging o the design team for us to share the results with them right then and there, we resisted !!

So next class would be presenting the survey results and getting on with the other tasks !!

– a a a –

Clad 05 started with our presentation. In the end of the presentation we had put a statement that would tell us who our target market were in very simple terms.

That statement was actually very important because it set the base to a lot of things including the features that were to be used in the design.

After that we all started working on our individual assignments and from what I could see, things were progressing well !

Next class would probably be a little more tricky. We will start getting into details and more clashes and issues will arise, however I’m still very much excite !!

Enjoy !!


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