Class 03

Last night’s class was an interesting mixture of work, fun and more work.

we started out the day by treating ourselves with Choki Choki .. courtesy of Alia

After that Mustafa called the class in order and listed down the objectives for the day.. He ended the list with the below drawing !!

We thought the drawing looked like a dude called “Abqareeno” (3abqareeno) who is a character from a cartoon we used to watch as kids.

Each team’s overall tasks were listed on the big white board, my team’s list is illustrated below

The teams leaders were asked to discuss the class deadline schedule with their team members and split the tasks. It was a bit difficult at first as we had a 10 day break in the middle and I honestly forgot most of what we had planned to do, but thankfully once we started working everything started to fall into place.

The class deadline schedule for the “ever so cool” marketing team looked like this:

I know what your thinking, how can finance be part of marketing !!! .. Let’s just say that we are such a creative and multi-skilled team that we can handle the finance and profitability part of the project as well !

We then got down to the survey! obviously if we were going to develop a product we might as well know that our customers want and who our customers are to start with! .. it took around 45 minutes to get this out of the picture, but it ended up to be great!(please excuse my hand writing)

Once that was done, the whole class reformed and we discussed our plans.

We had to all be in Sync to make sure we are all running on the same track and have the same targets.

Some tasks were Independent while others were very much dependent on other teams.

It was good to see that we were on the same page and didnt have major clashes.

Dalal ended up drawing this diagram to help the Syncing process.

All in all, we could see things more clearly now and we are more than ready to get cracking !

Before i sign off, I must say this, I will miss doing this more than words can say ..

Enjoy !


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