Class 01

I’m sure everyone is wondering about this post and why is it titled “Class 01” .. as always there has to be a story behind each post, but today’s post is actually very different !!

My very young “George Clooney” look alike professor “Dr. Dean” has asked us students to write a blog post after every class reflecting a few points about the class we attended .. So you will be seeing a few posts with similar titles in the next few weeks !!

In my defense I did tell Dr. Dean that I have a weird style in writing and according to BQ he already knows I’m nuts so here goes nothing !!

Today’s class was interesting, refreshing if I may say so myself !

We started the class with warming up by throwing ideas out, then the project’s process was explained and i have to admit that I liked the fact that the whole class is going to work on a single project, I think it sets a new challenge for us, pushes us out of our comfort zones and helps our communication skills.

The only problem or issue I think came up was the inability of the class to focus and find a good idea for the project. Although there were several nice ideas thrown around, it was difficult for the class as a team to make a decision.

Tomorrow the same process will take place and hopefully it won’t take much time, the 1st thing I want us as a team to do tomorrow is to get the idea of the project finalized and start building the teams. I am optimistic enough to think that the teams will be ready and will have their assignments by the end of the day, but we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow !!

So this is me singing off for the day and hopefully you’ll see another post titled “Class 02” very soon !


One response to “Class 01

  • Dean Sheetz

    “Very young” George Clooney look alike? I’m actually less than 5 years younger than he is.

    Nice post about the class. I also hope we can come to a consensus tonight. In defense of the others, it’s very difficult to come up with a great product idea when it’s presented to you cold like that. Especially since most of the class has a service orientation.

    I’m excited about this project!

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