When your voice becomes a stranger

Think about the title of this post and what it means to you.. It can meet so many things to so many people.. it can be emotional, psychological or just a choice we make..

So think.. What does it mean to you..?

thought enough? Good !! let’s keep rolling !!!

So as always, let me start with the story behind the title..

A few days ago, and for unknown reasons, I was very quiet, so quiet that my only communication was either via bbm or saying “yeah, no, sure, ummmm, oki” in the lowest voice possible..

When i suddenly came out of that phase and my first words came out, I suddenly felt like my voice was different.. It felt unfamiliar to some extent.. It felt like a stranger..

I was in a state of complete stillness, I was lost in my own world.. All I could think about is how do people get to this place? how does your own voice become a stranger to you?  how do you get to a point “when your voice becomes a stranger”..?

In my mind there were several answers, the most obvious one I thought would be was when a person doesn’t have a complete sound mind.. or if the person has a heavy psychological problem, but then I started to disagree with myself..

I found that there are two things that can get a person to a state where they don’t recognize their own voice..

1) When you literally forget what your voice sounds like..

This situation would kick in when you become so lonely and distant from people that you don’t talk (unless you are talking to yourself).. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person isn’t of sound mind, it only means that a person is in that situation for the time being and is aware of it, aware of their own insanity..

2) When you stop standing up for what is right!

How  many times have we seen a person turn into a spineless jellyfish the minute they are needed? how many times have we seen something wrong happen and look the other way? Sometimes the situations aren’t in your control, and there really isn’t anything you can do about it, actually, letting it go would probably do more good than harm, but sometimes, in some cases, when you know you have the right and you know that what happened or is happening is wrong, you have to stand up for it..

I have seen so many people ‘allow’ wrong things to happen, and even when they are in a position of authority and can fix the situation, they tend to ignore it and push it under the rug.. The more they turn their heads away, the more distant they get from their voices and the more their voices become strangers to them..

Don’t get me wrong.. if everyone went around – making everyone hear their voice – about what they have to say  – about every single situation they see is wrong, the world would end in 5 minutes (if not less).. But what I am saying is, don’t let your voice go so far away that “your own voice becomes a stranger”..

So speak up people, but only when it is right to speak and not when you are interfering in other people’s business and need to be punched in the face.. !!

Enjoy !!


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