When it happens..

I did it again.. I don’t really know how it happens or why.. It just does.. It is out of my control.. Out of my understanding.. But when it’s time.. There is no stopping it..

Confused much?

Good.. Now I’ll explain..

Everyone, no matter how young or old, get lost in time.. Not literally.. I’m not talking about parallel universes or time machines (although I secretly wish they do exist)..

I am talking about that feeling, when suddenly the whole world becomes a blur, your body feels numb, all the voices start to disappear except for what you want to hear..

That time when the whole world is paused and you are in a different place.. A place where no one else will know except you..

Many people have not experienced this feeling and if they have do not really know how and when to go to it again.. Only the lucky ones know.. Those people are not only lucky but are blessed..

Having said that.. I am truly blessed for I know how to get to that place effortlessly.. For all I have to do is read..

When I start reading a book, I am on planet earth, but as I read further and further, I lose track of myself, I end up in a different time, a different place.. The characters become real.. I start seeing them in my mind, hearing their voices, feeling their heartbeats.. I start feeling what they feel and think what they think.. .. .. .. and that’s when it happens.. that is when I end up in different world all together..

I love that place I go to, when there is no worry in this world that can bother me, no sound that can disturb me, no feeling that can distract me..

unfortunately, every dream comes to an end, reality eventually catches hold of me and pulls me back..

I always long to go back to that place where nothing is real yet feels like home.. I always hope the next book I read will take me to a different world..

Perhaps this post will explain my passion for reading.. Perhaps now people will understand why I love it so much.. Perhaps they will understand why it takes me a while to hear them when I read.. Perhaps now they will know my secret to leaving this world…….. care to join me?


2 responses to “When it happens..

  • Saoud Zainal

    well, this post is inspirational, specially to those who don’t read books much.. I loved the way how you express your world of imaginations.. which is sooo interesting.. I already read books – not a lot tho but now I have this passion to read more and more so that I could join you in that place you described..

  • AbdulAziz Mohammed

    Very lovely post

    To be honest Budoor it’s one of the few times that I really found someone really have such passion for reading. You described what I really go through when I read. Sometimes when I read books that gives you stories and biographies of people of the past, wallah as long as I read I feel I see them in front of me, I go to such state but I admit I can’t go there if I am distracted by people around me but I really go there when I read alone at night.

    Such a great feeling! I really can’t describe that feeling better than you, great post as usual Budoor

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