with lose comes gain ..

It is in our nature as humans to try and hold on to whatever we have .. loosing something we have is not easy for us to comprehend..

However, loses come in different shapes, sizes and colors … There are …

  • Materialistic loses (like when I lost my new 6th generation ipod nano 3 days after I bought it) 
  • Sentimental loses (like when I lost a piece of paper that had a special note from my friend written on it) 
  • Social loses (like when I lost touch with people who used to be very close) 
  • Humane loses (like when I forced myself to stop caring and be as harsh as ice) 
  • Heart-shattering loses … the worst of them all (like when I lost my cousin and grandfather)

Understanding these loses arent always easy.. over coming them is even worse..

The voices of my head (if you have no idea what I am talking about please refer to my 1st post), as always, try to confuse me like there is no tomorrow.. if it was up to them I would probably be in a mental hospital right now.. Fortunately enough I have enough sanity left in me to act and look normal to the outside world..

I guess this is the case with everyone .. don’t we all have voices in our heads? don’t we all have these inner fights? don’t we all have arguments with ourselves?

These voices are very much important.. they are our check points in life.. help us take decisions.. in my case they confuse me more than ever.. but.. thats the only way I can understand the full situation I am in..

When we lose something, the voices in our heads go haywire.. they drive us nuts.. put ideas in our minds.. the challenge in this case is to find the light instead of drowning in the dark.. although it may sound easy.. many have gone to the other side.. some come back but some never do..

The important thing to remember when put in this situation is that nothing is lost in vain.. Some way.. Some how.. There will be a bright light.. Although it may be difficult to see right then and there.. Although it may take years to realize the gain behind that lose.. and perhaps sometimes the lose is so great you may not see it.. But believing is all that matters..

With that note I will end this post.. In the hope that one day these words will help someone..

“with lose comes gain ..”

“with lose comes gain ..”

“with lose comes gain ..”

“with lose comes gain ..”


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