It’s funny how whenever someone says the word Innocence, the first thing that would pop into most people’s minds are babies or themselves with a golden ring on their heads…

It’s not difficult to understand those thoughts.. babies come to mind as they are usually born with those features, no arguments about it, except if they are half Demon (idea extracted from the series Supernatural which I am addicted to). And the golden ring on the head of course is typically related to being an angel.

When we were babies and kids, we felt innocent and we were as innocent as ever..  we would always act in an innocent way and our thoughts would be very angelic..

However, as we grow older, that feeling of innocence starts to go away, until we get to a point where we do not feel innocent at all.. Even if we havent done anything wrong and did everything we are supposed to do.. the feeling is simply gone.. And the only time we put on an angelic face is when we try to get out of trouble..

Then, something happens.. A person.. A move.. A word.. An action.. and suddenly you feel innocent again..

It’s not easy to explain the feeling.. and to find it is perhaps more difficult than one would think or imagine.. but then again.. what trigers that feeling?

Perhaps its when your dad would softly hug you? or when you would put your head on your mom’s leg? Maybe a gesture from your grandparents? or a look from someone you love? It can be a drawing from your kid? or the first time the call you mom/dad?

Who knows..

There definitely isn’t a single trigger for everyone.. people are different and react in different ways.. each one of us has their own poison.. their own drug.. but in the end.. we all have the same feelings..

Its a good feeling.. when you suddenly feel that spark of innocence..

I wish I could feel it more often..






Innocent is what I feel when you’re with me

Looking at me with love not lust..

Innocent is what I feel when you smile at me

making me feel like I’m the one you trust..

Innocence is what  I feel when you hold my hand

guiding me threw the world with your eyes..

Innocence is what I feel when I hear you speak

talking to the world for you and I..


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