People say that there are many ways to get inspired … personally, I STRONGLY disagree with them!

Finding inspiration is probably as difficult as finding a nice place to have dinner with your family on a weekend (when the whole world is out dinning) where every member of the family is in a good mood, find their favorite dish in the menu, and where the waiters/waitresses are angels from heaven carrying the most delicious food in this world!

Having said that, I think it is important to point out that I am not a negative person. I am an optimist by choice so I try to make the smallest things count and try to draw value out of things that many people will not…. Examples :

Exhibit A : My little niece messing up my room.

Exhibit B: Finding the potato chips I love in the snacks drawer at home (which I almost always find and almost never eat, but I make myself feel happy by just seeing it there)

Exhibit C: Driving to work on a Sunday morning and seeing my friend’s car in the parking

In other words, I try to draw happiness from things that would annoy or make no difference to many people. I was able to successfuly do that, however, finding inspiration wasnt that easy.

I felt that I was jammed, like my mind was stuck and I could not get it out, like I needed someone to jump start my brain again (specially the creative part of it). I guess I got to that state because of the way I lived my life. I try to live away from routine as possible and I thought I was doing that, until I realized that the not so routine life I was living was a routine life!

I was then given the chance to be in a class with a teacher whom I had never met, never really heard of, but was told is pretty good. To me, pretty good was nice, and I was looking forward to his 5 days intense class. What I didn’t know was that he would be the person who would perhaps jump start not only my brain, but my life.

Class started and immedielty my brain starting to work.. Although I was dead tired, and the class was long, it did not stop me from being inspired to not only change myself, but change things around me.

I will not say what was the result of the inspiration I got during class, perhaps with time this secret will be revealed, but it was a life changing experience, and it was a life changing moment to me.

I guess inspiration is something within, but it also needs a little push, once that little spark is found, it is the person’s job to keep it going within. Yes, there can be objects, people, places or sounds that can help, but if the spark in that person dies then nothing can keep the inspiration going and I realize that it will be me who will have to push myself to stay inspired and alert, it is I who will have to stop myself from going back to the state I was in, and it is my responsibility to make my dreams come true.

But, I am truly blessed… I am blessed because I have friends who push my buttons, make my brain think and keep me excited about what I am about to start. They are playing a big part in helping me stay inspired, I am not sure how will I return the favor or thank them, but I know for sure that I will never forget them.


I dedicate this post to the people who have directly contributed in this life changing experience I am going to start: Professor Tom Byers (the person who jump started my life), BQ (my lucky charm), Manar Al Marzouqi (my personal walking and talking pain in the neck whom I can not live without), Fatma Al Janahi (the most creative and artistic person I have ever met), Rym BA (my think tank), Dalal Al Hai & Alia Falaknaz (for not telling me I was insane when I first got the idea) and My family (for believing in me).


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