My first post ..

It took me a while to decide on when to start writing my first post, but when i remembered i have no idea what to write I got freaked even more!

After a while of talking to myself and having debates with not only one, not two, but three voices in my head, i decided to write about the reasons behind this blog.

first and far most, this blog is where i’m going to do something i love, and that is to write. Writing (as i figured out while i was in college) comes very naturally to me, I can easily express my thoughts, ideas and opinions on paper (now on my laptop), and I seem to have a lot of things to say (maybe because of all the voices i have in my head?).

Unfortunately, and i guess this is how life is, I got caught up in other things around me and so didn’t have time to write anymore, I found myself striving to put my thoughts in writing, but I couldn’t. I then realized that my schedule isnt going to get any better and saying “I dont have time” isnt a reason it is simply an excuse, and so I decided that I will write not mater what.

Second of all, I started this blog because my friend B_Quill would not get off my case (haha, love you girl) and i am so happy she didn’t. I met her 8 years ago, the time when my life suddenly transformed to something i never thought possible. We used to be in the same class together and I loved it when we used to challenge each other.

I told her one day that I miss writing, and she suggested a blog, it took me 2 years to finally get one, but now that I have, B_Quill and I will pick a topic every now and then and write our opinion about it (each one in her own blog), then we will read each others post and comment. I am looking forward to this more than words can say.

This is me signing off…

I hope you enjoyed the read!


2 responses to “My first post ..

  • ahmed

    Lovely! Looking forward to the next one! 😀

  • AbdulAziz Mohammed

    Great, finally your own blog. I was actually waiting for this, I did read some words you wrote in your album I though they were great. I always said it’s 5asara she doesn’t own a blog to write her thoughts on day-to-day subjects.

    Anyway congratulations on your blog, great first post, waiting for new posts but don’t forget to tag us through Twitter 🙂

    keep up the good works up

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